Joining a Minecraft Server List: Does Your Server Have What It Takes?

So you’ve created your own Minecraft server, and you’re thinking about adding it to a Minecraft server list. Before you do, make sure it’s ready for showtime by following these simple tips.

Give People a Reason to Play

Think about the reasons you, as a player, have left your own game to explore Minecraft server lists. You wanted an experience you couldn’t get elsewhere, and you wanted to play with other players.

Your server should offer more than another Minecraft world. It should offer something unique players can’t find anywhere else. At the very least, if you want people to come play in your sandbox, you need to have a good game going on.

Create a Story

Most servers build community around accomplishing something together — or competing against one another. Here’s how some people have done it:

  • Towncraft. In Towncraft, a meteor has wiped out a planet, and players work together to rebuild and survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • PrisonTech 2.0. Players try escaping from their cell blocks and selling mined elements for money while senior players act as wardens and guards.
  • Mineplex. Mineplex is one of the world’s biggest servers with many available experiences, one of which is a multiplayer Minecraft version of “Mario Kart” called Minekart.

Before joining a Minecraft server IP list, make sure your game gives players something to build, a way to compete against each other, or a chance to work together for a common objective. The top servers make players feel like they’re part of a compelling story.

Establish Rules

Even servers that become dens of anarchy are still structured dens of anarchy. In other words, players have to abide by certain guidelines, follow rules for joining, and act decently toward fellow community members.

Within your file, you can establish many game conditions, including whether your server will spawn monsters and animals. Before adding your world to a Minecraft server list, think through these important procedures in addition to setting the conditions of your game:

  • Adding players. Do you want players to be able to join automatically, or do you want to allow only whitelisted players to join? What’s the maximum number of players you’ll allow at one time?
  • Griefing. Is it okay to destroy others’ blocks on your server — such as in a Factions game — or is griefing not allowed?
  • Violating rules. What happens when players don’t abide by your rules? Are they blacklisted forever or can they appeal?
  • Moderating. Will you check in on your server frequently to moderate games? Do you want to designate trusted players as moderators?

You don’t want so many rules that players won’t enjoy your server, but you also want to create a predictable and orderly place to play. If people choose a server from a Minecraft server list, and they realize it doesn’t have a good admin, they won’t continue playing.

Build Community

In addition to creating a game, many admins create connections within their servers by hosting contests, forming social network connections, and creating mini-forums. Give the players who stop by a chance to talk and get to know one another. Your server becomes more than a game; it’s a social destination.

Promote Your Server

Start by adding your server to our directory at Once you’ve listed it, use these tactics to attract new players:

  • Votifier. The Votifier plug-in allows people on different Minecraft server lists to vote for their favorite servers. Make sure you’ve installed the plug-in, and encourage people who play on your server to give it an upvote. Good ratings will attract more players.
  • Forums. Visit Minecraft forums and ask people to play on your server. Collect their feedback to discover your server’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • YouTube. YouTube is full of great Minecraft videos, including tutorials and adventure stories. Make a video featuring your server, and upload it to your YouTube channel.
  • Ads. If you have money to spare, advertise your server on Google AdWords, social networks, or gaming sites.

Start Building Something Great

Visit our Minecraft server list and spend time on a few servers. You’ll get a taste of whether or not your server matches the quality standards other players expect.

Once you know it’s ready, add it to our Minecraft server list, invite friends, and start building a community. Minecraft lets you create any world you can imagine. It’s ridiculously fun to share that world with other Minecraft enthusiasts.

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Small Minecraft Servers: Does Size Really Matter?

On large Minecraft servers, games take on a life of their own. Storylines develop at an incredible pace and complexity. Experienced players build things that will blow your mind.

At the same time, big servers make it tough to actually get to know people. Small Minecraft servers, which usually feature five to 10 active players at a time, give you the chance to become part of a community. If you’re feeling left out on your current server, find a small Minecraft server with less than 50 players instead.

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

If you’ve done any online gaming at all, you know the experience involves so much more than playing the game. It’s about meeting people who have as much passion for gaming as you do. For some people, it’s a chance to build friendships that can extend into the real world.

A Minecraft online multiplayer adventure is a fun, low-key way to bond with new people. As you build and break blocks together, and defend your land against Creepers and other creatures, you constantly communicate through a stream at the bottom of the game. Most of the time, you chat about the game you’re playing, but sometimes, you start talking about other parts of your life. Your circle of Minecraft friends will include people from all over the world, making gaming a great way to broaden your horizons.

Huge servers usually run on great infrastructure, which means you get to play in fast, responsive, and beautiful worlds. When 50 people are playing Factions at once, however, it’s tough to get people to listen to your strategic advice — or even to acknowledge your existence. The best small Minecraft servers give you the chance to build connections you can’t find on huge servers. They also give you a chance to have a real voice in the game and to be an important part of the team.

Gaming on a Small Server: the Drawbacks

Most Minecraft game servers reach a tipping point in which the game goes from good to great. In other words, even if the admin only has an average vision in the beginning, really talented players arrive and transform it into something special.

With a small Minecraft server, you’re more dependent on the person who created the game. Without a really good admin, it’s tough to get a small Minecraft online multiplayer game off the ground. Also, if you can’t find a small community of good players, you’re going to find yourself easily bored.

You can get around these potential disadvantages by watching the game before joining it. Follow these tips:

  • Read the rules. The server’s rules and the tone in which they’re written can give you a feel for what to expect from that particular small Minecraft server. In addition to learning about mode and type of game, you’ll get some insight into the personality who created the game, and you can decide whether or not you’re a good fit.
  • Watch from afar. Even if you join a server, you don’t have to jump into the action right away. Introduce yourself, and then observe the game and read the player interactions in the chat. You’ll learn a lot about whether their gaming styles and personalities mesh with yours, especially if you’re playing Factions or building a Creative mode project together.
  • Read reviews and forums. In addition to checking out small Minecraft servers lists, visit forums to see what Minecraft fans are saying about different servers. To find out more about a specific server, search for it by name or IP address. Also, look for servers for people who share your passions. For example, if you want to build in a “Lord of the Rings”-style world, find a small Creative server where “LOTR” fans are working together.
  • Take the plunge. Ultimately, the only way to find the perfect small Minecraft server is to jump in and play the game. Leaving a server is just as easy as joining one, so don’t hesitate to play a while and then jet if it’s not right for you. At the same time, you might like another group of players better than the first group, so check back in a few times before completely giving up.

If You Can’t Find One, Start One

If you’re having trouble finding a good small Minecraft server, think about launching your own server. Spend some time thinking about how you’d design the perfect Minecraft game. Then, do some preliminary work to set up your game world so that others can join when you’re ready.

The story is the most important part of your server. It’s what compels people to stick with your game. Develop a background for your world, and create present-day challenges to go along with the story. Your world won’t stay static because other people will add to the narrative, but that’s what makes Minecraft fun.

 You can check out our game server lists, and you can also jump on Minecraft forums to meet people who administer and play in small Minecraft servers. Bottom line: The Web is home to millions of Minecraft servers. One of them is certain to be right for you.

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Crack the Minecraft PvP Server: Get Ready for Combat

Picture a Player versus Player scenario where multiple players face off each other in a game and you’ve got a Minecraft PvP server that is both challenging and fun. Imagine using potions, armor, enchantments, and weapons to defeat your opponents. Whether fighting alone or working with others, PvP Minecraft is one of the hardest game types to master, but very satisfying once you do.

Choose Your PvP Combat Zone
Combat itself in a Minecraft PvP server has a variety of mods that change the tone and feel of a game. Whichever Minecraft PvP mods you choose, remember you’re there to heighten your skills as a player!

1. Friendly PvP — When two or more players agree to a friendly practice session only. This has an advantage because:

  • You avoid grudges with an opponent.
  • Property loss is prevented.
  • It encourages mutual cooperation because players can form teams and work together.
  • Players are allowed to use any kind of weapon without repercussions.

2. Organized PvP — When the conditions are agreed upon before fighting. Remember with Minecraft PvP:

  • The victor can claim anything, from objects to bragging rights.
  • There’s more creativity involved, which makes the spoils limitless.
  • Is highly competitive and you may need an impartial judge to enforce rules.

3. Unorganized PvP — This is when an opponent launches a sneak attack without any warning. There are several methods to dealing with an ambush:

  • Fight back and if you have strong equipment, kill your opponent.
  • If you have no chance of victory — flee! A speed potion might assist your escape and allow you to recover and prepare.
  • “Get mixed in pig’s food,” which is a term that refers to another player intervening and helping you kill your attacker. But now you may have to fight the new opponent and if you lose, your new opponent could become the “pig,” and eat you. If they choose not to eat you, you’ll owe them a debt, which could result in you being “eaten” later.


Select Your PvP Location
In a Minecraft PvP server, you can battle on many different types of terrain.

1. Normal Terrain — Two players fight in an area generated by the Minecraft server. Surprise attacks occur in places like a cave, on a cliff, or in a stronghold.

2. Challenge PvP — This one is more fun because you create a challenge map or a special destination. Take the PvP setup further by dividing into groups, or have a free-for-all battle.

3. Arenas — build different arenas to keep players organized, or for esthetics. There are many great arenas to select, from constructing mazes to raining lava, a coliseum fashioned after ancient Rome or an arena with traps. Each arena comes with unique conditions for battle, which makes each game exciting.

Offensive and Defensive PvP Tools
Obviously, you’ve got to select the proper weaponry and accessories before daring to attack players, or expecting to survive an encounter.

These weapons are a must to launch a successful attack:
1. Sword — This is your primary weapon of choice. The range of a sword is two and a half blocks, so ensure you are within range to strike opponents out of your reach.

2. Axe — Does less damage than a sword, and used for close-range encounters, but if you lack a sword, an axe is your second-best option.

3. Bow and Arrows — These are a strong accompaniment to the sword; a primary ranged weapon to pick off an opponent from a distance before moving in closer for the kill.

If you’re attacked and need to defend yourself, these tools come in handy:

1. Armor — Essential to lessening how much damage you suffer, and if you don’t have any, you’ll die quickly.

2. Beacon — Gives strength to any players within the affected region. A beacon is only useful if you have the advantage.

3. Food — You’ll need energy to jump, leap, and run, so having enough food is important. If your food goes below nine bars, you can’t regenerate health, and below three bars, you can’t sprint.

Potions and Enchantments
Potions give you strength or thwart opponents. Use enchantments offensively or defensively, by adding extra power to weapons or increasing the protection on your defensive equipment.

These items give you an extra edge in a fight:

1. Ender Pearls — Teleport yourself with ender pearls (but remember you will suffer damage). Ender Pearls are useful for either attacking or defending, if the battle isn’t going in your favor.

2. Water Bucket — Throwing water on your opponent slows them down, allowing you to escape or slow theirs. Use it to douse out fires too.

3. Lava Bucket — A lava bucket provides the ultimate barricade and damages the enemy if they don’t have potions or enchantments.

4. Golden Apples — Eating an enchanted golden apple gives you regeneration for five seconds and absorption for two minutes.

Try these enchantments when you’re in a tight spot:

1. Sharpness and Power — Delivers extra damage from your sword or bow. The damage limit is increased and once you’ve reached the highest limit, your enemy’s armor won’t offer much protection. You’ll be able to slay them in seconds.

2. Thorns — These reflect damage back onto an opponent and renews your strength. Thorns are usually implemented in armor pieces, not in a sword or bow.

3. Fire Protection — Provides protection for your armor against lava, standing in fire, or catching on fire.

4. Blast Protection — TNT is occasionally used during a fight, so you’ll want this enchantment to protect yourself against explosions.

Join a PvP Server
Keen to join one of our PvP Minecraft servers? Click here to start your first battle. Try out several servers from the server list and kick butt across multiple games. The more you play, the better you’ll become, and eventually you’ll conquer the difficulty level of PvP Minecraft and be ready to take on all challengers.

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How to Play Minecraft: Your Guide to Adventure

Do you ever feel like the only person you know who doesn’t know how to play Minecraft? This handy Minecraft tutorial will give you an overview of the game.

Minecraft for Beginners: What All the Fuss Is About

At its essence, Minecraft is a game about placing and breaking blocks to achieve whatever you want. You can build structures, craft armor and weapons, invent machines, raise livestock, and more.

You can play alone in single player mode, or you can play with friends in multiplayer mode. You can download Minecraft for PC or Mac onto your desktop computer, buy it for your mobile device, or play it on an Xbox or PlayStation console.

How best to play Minecraft depends on which mode you choose. Survival, Creative, and Hardcore modes each have different objectives.

Survival Mode

In Survival mode, it’s your job not to get killed in a world roamed by monsters. When the sun is up, you build shelter, find food, and craft armor and weapons. After sundown, you’ll have to defend yourself against a host of ghastly opponents. Some of the most common creatures include:

  • Creepers. Creepers look like walking topiary bushes. They hiss and then explode — hopefully not when you’re nearby.
  • Skeletons. Skeletons spawn in unlit areas and shoot arrows at you. When daylight comes, they burn up. Phew!
  • Zombies. Zombies spawn, like skeletons, in unlit areas. They come at you relentlessly until they burn up in the sunlight.
  • Silverfish. Silverfish appear when you mine stone bricks. They spawn and call more when you come across them, so run away quickly!

It’s your job to build shelter for yourself to keep the critters away at night. You can build structures or try to hide underground in a dugout. To make it easier, you can build a crafting table and craft tools from wood, stone, and other stronger materials. On your first few nights in the game, try not to wander too far from your spawn point. If you get killed, you’ll respawn back at the spawn point, but you might have a hard time finding your original shelter.

You’ll also need to eat, so look for foods that you can forage, like apples. If you spot animals, you can kill them and cook the meat in your furnace for food. While you’re working, you have to monitor both your health and hunger. Avoid monsters, lava, explosions, and other catastrophes to limit damage; eat plenty of food to keep your health up.

As you grow used to your world and become more adventurous, you can plant wheat, breed livestock, and upgrade your shelter. You can find villagers to trade with, and you can explore your Minecraft world.

If you want to explore how to play Minecraft with a friend, remember that multiplayer games are in Survival mode. You’ll have to work together to keep away the baddies.

Creative Mode

In Creative mode, there are essentially no Minecraft instructions. You don’t have to worry about getting killed by monsters or mishaps. You also don’t have to worry about finding materials for crafting and building. In fact, Creative mode is all about using materials to build amazing things. You can start with simple items, like houses or farms, and progress to unbelievable creations like the Death Star from “Star Wars” or Helm’s Deep from “Lord of the Rings.”

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode is essentially Survival mode on steroids. You get one life, and when you respawn, you lose everything you built in your previous life. All controls are set to Hard, meaning that you’ll play at the toughest difficulty level. Save this mode for after you’ve built up some survival experience.

How to Get Started

Download Minecraft for PC or Mac, choose Pocket Edition for your mobile device, or buy Minecraft for your Xbox or Playstation. Open the launcher or app and start with Singleplayer mode so that you can get a feel for Minecraft. Click Create New World and type a name for your world. Choose your game mode and then click Create New World again.

After initiating your world, you’ll spawn in some type of terrain. It could be in a forest, near snowy mountains, or in a sandy desert. No matter where you land, it’s your job either to survive or create something awesome. Once you figure out your way around, you can try a multiplayer game.

How to Play Minecraft Multiplayer Games

If you’re playing on Xbox or Playstation, you can play against other players using your controllers. In Pocket Edition, open your world, click the Pause button in the top left corner, and choose Options. Turn on Local Server Multiplayer, and any Minecrafter on your network will be able to play in your world. You’ll also have the option to join their worlds.

On PC or Mac, multiplayer gets a little more complicated. You can either create a multiplayer game with people on your network, or you can join a remote server to participate in a world created by someone else. Once you start joining remote servers, you can participate in an endless assortment of worlds and mini games, including Survival, Factions, Player vs. Player (PvP), Prison, and more.

Join a Server

The best way to get familiar with Minecraft is to play it. Once you’ve mastered the basics of how to play Minecraft, search to join a new and exciting Minecraft game and play with others around the world!

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The Lowdown on Faction Minecraft Servers: Choose Your Side

Imagine a huge multiplayer Minecraft game that, instead of pitting every player against each other, pitted teams against each other. Factions Minecraft servers do just that.

You can protect your land, form alliances, start wars, and manage money, all in partnership with other members of your faction.

What Are Factions?

The Faction servers Minecraft players create utilize the Bukkit Factions plug-in developed by Cayorion and hosted by MassiveCraft. The plug-in allows members to claim land, develop it, and protect it against other Factions, working together with other players against other marauding Factions.

When you join a Faction server, you start as a solo player. You can either create a new Faction of your own or get an invitation to join an existing Faction.

Create Your Own Faction

  1. Launch a new Faction. Type /f create <FactionName>. Once you’ve named it, type up a description for your Faction so that other Faction server Minecraft players know what you’re all about using the command /f desc <Description>.
  2. Decide whether your Faction is open or closed. Your Faction can be open, meaning any new player can join, or it can be closed, meaning that it’s invitation-only. Typing /f open will toggle back and forth between open and closed.
  3. Invite other players. Hang out on the server for a while and connect with trustworthy players. When you think you’d like someone to join your faction, type /f invite <PlayerName>. If you make a mistake or see that you’ve invited an untrustworthy person, deinvite them by typing /f deinvite before they accept your invitation.
  4. Give your players nicknames. As people join your Faction, give them titles, or nicknames, by typing /f title <PlayerName><Title>.
  5. Select roles. As the creator, you’re the admin of your Faction, and you can execute all commands.

If you choose to abdicate and make someone else the admin, you can type /f admin <PlayerName> to name a successor.

If your Faction gets big, and you need help moderating it, choose a few players and give them moderator status by typing /f mod <PlayerName>. Moderators can invite new players and claim and unclaim land, so make sure to choose players who have good judgment.

Join an Existing Faction

If you don’t want to create a new Faction, hang around different Faction Minecraft servers until you get an invitation to join a good one. To accept the invitation, type /f join <FactionName>.

Claim Your Land

Your first job when you join a server, either as a solo player looking for a Faction or as a Faction founder, is to claim land for your Faction. Once you’ve claimed land, no one can grief it, and no one outside your Faction can build or break anything. Also, no one outside your Faction can hurt you while you’re in your own territory.

As you walk across land, watch your chatbox for the word “Wilderness.” Wilderness is unclaimed land, and you can seize it for your Faction. To claim the chunk you’re standing on, type /f claim, which will mark off a 16×16 set of chunks and make them yours. Choose a home base by typing /f Sethome, which will allow anyone in your Faction, including you, to teleport home by typing /f home.

To see which other Factions surround your claimed land, type /f map. In your chatbox, you’ll see a legend that denotes a symbol for every Faction in the game. The map will use the symbols to show you which Factions have claimed which land chunks.

Use Your Power Wisely

Each individual player can have as much as 10 Power at one time. One Power equals one chunk of land. When players get added to a Faction, the Faction increases its total power by 10. When someone in the Faction dies, the Faction and the individual player usually lose about three Power units. If the player had claimed the maximum amount of land, the Faction would also lose three chunks of land.

To avoid losing land, Factions Minecraft servers admins and moderators should always monitor their Land/Power/MaxPower ratios. Land is the number of chunks your Faction owns, Power is the current Power level of your Faction, and MaxPower is your maximum potential Power. To understand the ratio, let’s imagine a Faction called Superstars with two players: KevinBacon63 and DemonMonster25. Superstars has claimed its maximum of 20 land chunks.

  • What happens when you die. If KevinBacon63 and DemonMonster25 have both claimed 10 chunks of Land each, Superstar’s ratio would be 20/20/20. If KevinBacon63 dies, the Faction has 17 out of 20 Power left, because KevinBacon63 loses three Power when he dies. Superstars’ ratio is now 20/17/20.
  • Never have less Power than Land. When KevinBacon63 dies, Superstars is left with only 17 Power and 20 Land. Superstars can now lose a chunk of land to an enemy.

To monitor your Faction’s ratio, type /f show. To see another Faction’s ratio when you’re deciding whether to attack, type /f show <FactionName>.

Join a Factions Minecraft Server

Ready to join one of our many Factions Minecraft servers? Click here to get started. And try not to start your first Faction game by getting killed.

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The Best MC Servers Online: How Can You Spot a Good One?

Over 20 million people have downloaded Minecraft for PC or Mac. Millions more have purchased Minecraft for their mobile devices and game consoles. Many people who play Minecraft get into the creative spirit of the game, and they decide to craft their own games, or they operate on their own Minecraft servers.

So which are the best MC servers online? The answer is different for everyone, but all the top servers share a few qualities in common. Let’s get the lowdown on how to choose a good Minecraft server so you can start exploring our Minecraft server list best bets.

Find a Minecraft Games Server That Plays Your Preferred Mode

Some Minecraft players prefer to stick to non-competitive Creative mode. They want to cooperatively build castles or design amazing worlds, not duke it out in a PvP setting. If you’re this type of player, look for a server that sticks to stacking blocks, not servers that operate in Survival or Hardcore modes.

For other Minecraft players, only adventure will do. If this sounds like you, look for a PvP MC best server that gets into strategy and hand-to-hand combat, like Factions or Prison. On the other hand, maybe you do want multiplayer action, but you’d prefer to use your brains, not your brawn. Try an Economy server that focuses on strategic buying and selling.

Stick to Your Style of Play

The best servers have easy-to-follow instructions and rules you can understand. It’s a good idea to read through the rules before joining to make sure you’ll like the game and to avoid getting banned for breaking the rules. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Your appetite for destruction. Do you feel Hulk-like rage when someone destroys something you’ve built, or do you laugh it off as part of the game? If you want to avoid destructiveness from other players, look for servers that have strong rules against griefing.
  • Your need for friendship. It’s not always easy to join a long-running server with members who’ve played together for a long time. If you choose an older server with an entrenched social group, make sure that you’re okay dealing with some clique-ishness. In Creative mode servers that have been around a while, you’ll have to be patient before finding a spot for building, and it might take a while for your work to get noticed.
  • Your experience level. The best servers for your experience level challenge you to get better at the game without making you feel like a weak target. If you play Creative mode, don’t join the server where they’re recreating “Game of Thrones” in block form unless you’re already a good builder. Instead, find a server that’s more low-key, but not so elementary that you can’t learn from the other builders.
  • Your need for structure. Most of the best MC servers have great administrators who stay actively involved in their games. They enforce the rules and boot players who don’t follow the guidelines. If rules are important to you, steer away from rogue servers that have become dens of anarchy. Instead, pick a whitelisted server in which new players go through an approval process.
  • Your age. The Web is a great place to have fun, but you could also get into trouble. If you’re a kid or a teenager, avoid any Minecraft server where players engage in conversations that make you uncomfortable.

Choose Servers That Are Reliable

Some gamers create a server, list it in a directory, and then abandon both the server and the people who use it. Others might host their servers on unreliable equipment, which means they’re not always available when you want to play, or they’re sluggish and no fun to play on. Don’t hang out too long in an unreliable server when you have so many available choices. It’s easy to find another game, so don’t get too loyal to a poorly maintained server.

Play a Lot of Minecraft

Nothing makes you a connoisseur of the best servers like playing a lot of Minecraft. Fortunately, joining a server is usually pretty easy, and you’re free to leave whenever you want. Experiment with different kinds of servers, which helps you learn your own strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. If you find a place to belong, stay there for a while. If nothing fits and you decide to create your own Minecraft server, list it with us.

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Minecraft Survival Servers: Be a Master Survivalist

If you haven’t yet explored Minecraft Survival servers, you’re in for a treat. A Survival server is another mode to Minecraft — most similar to single player mode — that involves collecting resources, building structures for shelter, battling mobs, driving off hunger, and exploring the surrounding land for resources in an effort to survive. Get ready to become the Bear Grylls of the virtual world!

Getting Started With a Minecraft Server Survival Game

Like all Minecraft modes, Survival has a basic structure, like that of a scavenger hunt. In order to survive and defeat the Ender Dragon, you collect items and resources that enhance your capabilities, ward off attacks, and bulk up your defenses.

All the items you find are combinable in recipes to create tools. This is called crafting and is usually done on a crafting table. To make potions, players brew them. Survival servers began as Survival Single Players (SSP), and has since expanded to Survival Multiplayer (SMP).

In multiplayer mode, you’re able to see other players, which heats up the competiveness, but truth is there’s individual things you must do to capture a winning edge.

Surviving Your First Night

  1. You’ve just spawned. Once you’ve chosen a game from a Minecraft Survival server list and you’ve spawned, the most important thing to get is wood. It’s one of the most valuable resources. Collect raw wood and choose 16, which gives you a stack of 64 fine wood pieces.
  2. Make a pickaxe. An essential tool is a pickaxe, but first you have to make one with wood, before you can start more easily collecting tougher material.
  3. Find stone. After you’ve become familiar with a Minecraft Survival server, it’s time to mine for stone. Using the wooden pickaxe, loosen 10 cobblestone blocks. Now use the cobblestone to make a stone pickaxe and a stone sword.
  4. Gather food. Now you need to forage for food. Accumulate as much food as you can and store it in a chest, which you’ll also have to make.
  5. Source coal and a shelter. The last initial strategy step to surviving your first day in Survival is to secure coal and shelter. Gather as much coal as you can find. Shelter is easy; after digging a hole to gather coal, use the opening for shelter at night. You can survive without both for a few nights, but why not strike off two tasks early on? Coal becomes very essential later on, to cook food or smelt iron, while shelter offers some protection against mobs.

Fighting Mobs

Tackling Minecraft multiplayer Survival servers is also about fighting mobs, not just mere survival. A mob is a group of monsters that spawn at night or in dark places. They are composed of animals sometimes, or other daunting monsters, like creepers and zombies. Your best defense is to know how to kill the worst ones.

Combating Common Mobs Successfully

  1. Creepers. These are a green-camouflaged mob that hiss and chase you, and then explode when they get close enough. They are dangerous because they not only harm you, but also the environment.Best kill method: Maintain a perimeter around the creepers and entice other mobs to come close. The creepers explode, killing most of the other mob following you, giving you the chance for escape.
  2. Zombies. These suckers are hostile and unattractive. They have green skin and closely resemble players. Zombies are the most common mob seen at night. If you see any during the day, sunlight burns them (same with creepers).Best kill method: Zombies are easy to eliminate. When they are in your radius, just hit them, quickly, and before they can hit you.
  3. Spiders. These creatures are tricky. In sufficient light they are neutral and stay away. But at night they become nasty. They don’t burn in sunlight, and are able to see a player through solid blocks.Best kill method: A formidable opponent, spiders can outrun you and they jump! Stay moving at all times, by moving backwards or sideways, and then attack with your sword when it jumps.

Join Minecraft Survival Servers Now

Feeling armed with information and ready to dominate? Find the right game on our Minecraft Survival Server list and flex your survival knowledge. Remember to stay one step ahead of the other players, and you’ll conquer Minecraft Survival without breaking a sweat.

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Minecraft Prison Servers: Move Up in Rank and Gain Riches

Devout players often avoid Minecraft prison servers because they are mistakenly viewed as not as exciting as other servers. But you’re missing out because prison servers for Minecraft allow you to rise up in rank and gain money. You learn about negotiation and hone a competitive edge once you graduate to full-on PvP action.

What Is a Minecraft Prison Server?

A Minecraft prison server is used to hold newly spawned players or used for general play. There are no typical wilderness areas to build, but prisoners start mining and then sell goods. Players rise in position by earning money. A Minecraft prison server list likely has many with PvP options added, but the real aim is to win by strategy. Guards are often a nasty element, roaming through the prison exterminating anyone in the lower ranks, so watch out for them!

The Ranks in Minecraft Prison Servers
Like a real prison, players start at the lowest ranks and move up. Atop prison server will have an array of ranks to move through. The alphabet (A to Z) is typically used to categorize ranks, with the last rank being Free. Each plug-in is different, but some general ranking systems prevail:

Ranks From A to Z

  1. Rank A. The lowest rank. Block A prisoners are repeat offenders, and start with very little money or assets.
  2. Rank B. if you’re a new detainee, this is where you start on a Minecraft prison server. You must work off your debts by mining (possibly farming), selling what you find in a store, and moving to the next level. Guards are on high alert, so be aware that Rank B is the most vulnerable to being killed off.
  3. Rank C. Using the best prison servers means you have access to more resources, like better mines, access to a chicken farm, or even the ability to fish. You might also be able to rent cells to expand your position.
  4. Rank D. By this point you might have two mines. You also likely gained a pig farm too, which means you’re closer to freedom. The guard level here is now set to “medium,” and you can rest easy that you won’t be eliminated so easily.
  5. Rank Z. At this stage it doesn’t even feel like a prison anymore. You own farms in multiple specialties, like pig farming, chicken farming, or tree farming. An entire quarry is at your fingertips and the cells you own have just quadrupled. Freedom is yours!

What Can You Sell On Minecraft Prison Servers?

The object of prison servers is for you to rise in rank, gain access to better mines, and sell items found in them. You can also obtain items from donators, and if you’re on a large server you’ll definitely receive some choice items or perks. Most mined items are stored in plots. Plots are purchased from the Plotworld.

Perks in a Minecraft Prison Server

  1. Coal. Type in /kit coal to source or type /warp dmine to get a donation.
  2. Iron. To mine this, type /kit iron.
  3. Redstone. Easy to find by typing /kit Redstone. If you’re at this level you’re able to get two plots.
  4. Gold. Type /kit gold. Now that you’ve reached this level, use the /seen function to see when an opponent was last online. A little spying never hurts.
  5. Emerald. To get this gem, type /kit emerald. You’re now able to buy three plots, so go for it!
  6. Diamond. Diamonds are valuable and can be found by typing in /kit diamond.
  7. Bedrock. Hard to believe that bedrock is more precious than diamonds, but it certainly can be. Find this by typing /kit bedrock.

Keep in mind that coal is priced the lowest and the rest of the items rise in value, with bedrock being the highest. There are variances in some Minecraft prison servers between the types of items sold and what they are priced at.

Tip: In Prison servers, scamming players is encouraged, so be careful when you first start out.

Manage Your Enderchest

The enderchest found in prison cells is vital for helping you move up in ranks and set yourself free. The best prison server Minecraft plots are terrific for storage and other tasks.

Plotworlds are useful because:

  • You can store your things.
  • It’s easy to create a shop and sell items at a decent price.
  • You’re equipped to take donations.
  • It’s a perfect base to show off your building skills at a lower level, and have a meeting place for other players to exchange items in secret. When building a structure, keep it simple by building walls composed of objects. Some fun ones are a wall of chests, a wall of anvils, or a wall of furnaces.

Play Minecraft Prison Servers Now

Ready to experience the strategic fun of prison servers for Minecraft? Select from our extensive list and start playing. Just don’t get yourself killed by a guard before you reach the highest rank!

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Minecraft PE Servers: How to Play Everywhere

You love Minecraft and wish you could play on a lunch break or at a coffee shop. Minecraft PE servers provide just that using a pocket edition multiplayer portal that works on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. You still get the same Minecraft fun, where you’re able to build virtual realities in a sandbox-like environment, but in a more compact, mobile way.

How to Join a Minecraft PE Server List

If you want to get on the best Minecraft PE servers and play against your friends, there are some basic steps to setting up a game.

Creating a Multiplayer Game

  1. Be on the same Wi-Fi network. You have to be on the same network as each other and you can join on any device — whether you use iPhone or Android. For iOS users, go to Settings, choose Wi-Fi, and ensure all devices are on the same network. Configuring Android is similar, tap Settings, and choose the network all players are using.
  2. Start up the Minecraft pocket edition online servers. Open up the pocket edition on the first device; choose Settings, which is the button down at the bottom. Now toggle the Local Server Multiplayer function to On.
  3. Create a world. Top Minecraft PE servers have multiple worlds to choose from. Load up a world, or make a new one. Do a Creative world, or one based on Survival. Make it infinite or small, random or seeded, it doesn’t really matter. Once you’ve created one, others will be able to join the game.
  • Load up the other players. Go to each player’s device and hit Play. Eventually you’ll see a remote server in the server list. Choose the one that’s colored blue, with a Wi-Fi symbol on the right-hand side.
  1. Start playing. Now that you’re in a game together, use the chat button at the top right to send messages to your friends. If you want to change the name of your character, go to Options, then tap Name Field, and type in a new name.

Features of Minecraft PE Servers

A Minecraft server for PE has some neat features that aren’t found in the desktop and console versions. This makes the playing experience on a mobile device a bit more interesting.


The graphics found on the pocket edition are more vivid than in a PC, and includes the following differences:

  • Water has smoother lighting.
  • At sunset, the clouds turn a pink color.
  • Shadows on entities move based on the position of the sun.
  • The water in swamp biomes is a dark gray shade.

World Generation
Once you start making worlds on a Minecraft pocket edition server IP, mobile versions have changes that make the game better, while other changes might be seen as limiting.

  • Old-world type. This is a 256×256 world that’s finite, has modern structures, and generates a barrier world border.
  • Flat-world type. This world has no villages, and can only be made in creative mode.
  • Villages. Small detail changes with villages. Wooden roads generate over bodies of water, grass path blocks replace gravel paths, and tabletops are made from brown carpet instead of pressure plates, but this depends on the version.
  • Far lands. This world is considered infinite, but has different structures and biomes than the PC version. Watch out for distorted physics; when next to water, players can get sucked into a void.


When starting up Minecraft PE, it’s good to know what mobs do. They are used as a weapon and are essentially attacking, burning mobs that set fire to victims. The best Minecraft PE servers should have mobs. As for what types to use, there’s many, but a few good ones are:

  • Wolves. Puppies spawn naturally to become wolves. Effective and scary against opponents.
  • Zombie villagers. Their clothes are in tatters, but these flesh-eating creatures still wear the same clothes they had on before infection. It gives the viewer an idea of their occupation before (nurse, doctor, businessman, etc.).
  • Chickens. These squawking mobs can be created by pumpkin or melon seeds.
  • Pigs. Pig mobs are a handy weapon and these can be bred using beetroots, potatoes, or carrots.

Blocks and Items

If you plan on building complex scenarios on Minecraft pocket edition online servers, there’s a huge catalogue of blocks and items useful during play. A few standouts are:

  • Invisible bedrock. The benefits of bedrock include that it can act as an X-ray machine, projectiles pass through it, and it looks like a sheet of stone but it’s not!
  • Snow layers. These act as a temporary barrier, and generally build up through snowfall. But remember, these are affected by gravity.
  • Boats. Good for escape or transportation. To create a boat, use five wooden blocks and a wooden shovel. Controlled by two paddles, it supports two passengers. Steer it by pushing two buttons when in the boat.

Join Minecraft PE Servers Now

On the move and feeling the urge to play? Search the endless choices on our Minecraft PE server list. Be careful not to go over your lunch hour when playing against co-workers or friends though, we know how tempting it is when immersed in some heavy action on Minecraft!

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